collected images

book with images i collected online and categorised into colours.  these are the WHITE ones which i felt had a nice variation throughout and also show the transparency of the tracing paper which they are PURPOSEFULLY printed on to.  i thought i had read about “mass image culture” but i may have made it up – the idea that now, more than ever, we see images of everything all the time and everywhere.  art, advertising, agendas, and so on are extremely accessible and experienced by everyone all the time and are becoming inescapable.  the transparent pages in these books are supposed to show the multiplicity of such issues.  with the turn of a page the collage created changes becoming a moving moodboard perhaps.  being able to see more than one thing at once – or everything all at once – was my exact intention and i love how images fade in and out with the build up of additional pages. 

now (2018) we can see artwork which we will never experience in person, celebrities who we will never meet, objects in space which are too far away for our human eyes, and photoshopped bodies or circumstances which are not true in real life.  now!!! we see things we don’t want to see, things we didn’t seek out to see, and things we didn’t think we wanted to see but now leaves an imprint in our minds and we are unable to un-see it.  the relationship between us and the things we are constantly seeing also interests me and whether our reaction is happy or sad can have a huge effect on us and our days.  we know of tragedies on the other side of the planet, protests from other cities, and crimes which haven’t effected us.  we also know of other people’s pets doing silly things, what other people had for breakfast, and strangers happiness/successes.  furthermore, the relationship between the images themselves show contrasts both huge and small, these juxtapositions spark interest and interesting thoughts in the minds of the people who see them (even if they didn’t seek to see them).

here are SOME GIFS I MADE to present them online:

A white red SmallerA white orange smallerA white yellow smallerA white green smallerA white blue SmallA white purple smallerA white pink smallerA white brown smallerA white black smaller


i have made 96 in total though 11 were donated to Newcastle University’s 2018 Postcard Auction


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