isms in my opinion are not good


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to define what i set out to do here would be very difficult because i have no idea what i was aiming for. although, now on the second sentence, i am thinking yes! what a wonderful idea. i have always felt quite out of it, especially any inner circle, not really knowing things and not really knowing how to talk to people either. although i am still a teenager and we’re known for being misunderstood so it must be that, and that is the thing!  isms in my opinion are no good, here we are in the age of cookie-cutter sameness. categories are too big and categories are too general to ever really relate or represent. categories create divides because i can’t like you if you’re not in my category.  a lack of charisma can be fatal. i think i have died

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human(s) behavior really intrigues me. generally, so  many people appear to be doing, acting and saying so many of the same things but various people stand out in my life. when i was 7 my best friend, eva, told me she did not like the jonas brothers because everyone else DID like the jonas brothers, i cannot remember my own personal opinion of the jonas brothers. and when i was 13, maybe, my friend’s mum, michelle, said [on her religious beliefs] “if i stand in the garage am i a car?”. it’s so easy to say

everyone takes themselves too seriously

which i am sure is the overall message of ferris bueller’s day off however i really celebrate the silliness of life. absurdity. children are the best for this too, maybe that is part of why i want them. noah, my nephew, once said at age 6 ‘i don’t know where my socks live’. being alive is really stupid.  being able to talk shit on here and having people read it is also stupid. i have seen a lot of things i like recently, robin ince  who ended his show praising and promoting kindness. it is nice to be nice! i have always said, i think  it’s the most important thing to be. the most dreadful and unattractive person only needs to be loved, and then they will open up like a flower.    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


in october last year i got called a ‘closet comedian’ because i admitted i draft most of my (hilarious) tweets, that september ‘quietly confident’  and june ‘nonchalant’ whilst i stood without a hood in the rain. other people articulate me and whatever i am doing so much better than well me, at the end of this is my recent feedback which i think describes my work in an encouraging manner

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what i was trying to do was loosely talk about ideas before talking, at length, about myself which is predictable leo behavior – vanity.


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giles bailey:

‘Dear Carys,

We really enjoyed making our way through the fascinating and often idiosyncratic personal logic that brings the various threads of your practice together. The playful collisions of material, intimate details from your life and a thoughtful self-consciousness all prompt your audience to ask questions about received knowledge and what might constitute a conventional ordering of meaning in the world. You strike an effective balance between nostalgic reflections on childhood and drawing the comfort and security located there. Moments of absurdism that come through most prominently in the collages are also successful in inviting a pleasurable, critical relationship with the subject matter you direct us to. There is great potential for you to continue exploring your interest in quietness. As you indicate through your work, there are groundless cultural taboos associated with a disinclination to be vocal and draw attention. This may well be the beginning of a very substantial research project with many different strands for you to pursue. We were struck that quietness was not only a subject to scrutinise but also a creative attitude to embrace. You gave us the impression that you are always listening closely and this attentiveness comes across in the work you’ve made. We strongly encourage you to continue to explore this.


Your experiments with the video work Red are strong and we are excited to see this developed and resolved. It also seemed that your collaboration with Louise was a productive way to introduce new formal solutions into the pieces you are making. Continuing to look at the work of contemporary video artists (Elizabeth Price’s work comes to mind) and fantastic recent literary works that explore personal female experience (here were are thinking of Chris Krauss, Elena Ferante and Marie Darrieussecq) will help you better understand your work in context. Camilla Wills and Lucy Mackenzie might be other artists whose work you will enjoy.


Lastly, we really appreciated your clarity and directness in putting together your material for review. The strength of your identity comes through the decisions you make about tilting, signage and use of language. We were struck that this could be expanded to become a more prominent aspect of your practice.’




whatever you do in life will be insignificant but it is very important that you do it


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