humdrum sshhh w/ Louise Couldwell

in retrospect my first collaboration with louise couldwell, humdrum sshhh, was a good step into our friendship and teamwork. i am really happy with many of the works we made together but slightly disappointed with my documentation, though this tends to be the case. exhibitions are always better in person but hopefully you will gage the sense of what it was like. the long gallery is long but not as long as it used to be. it has two walls for showing work on and two walls of glass. i have included these photographs anyways:

sshhh will hopefully continue.

003BLOG 002BLOG FOURblog 004BLOG 005blog 006blog 008blog 007


my favorite reading, if you like, was from millie monk who said she felt displaced in the room and likened it to being a planet in the universe or a star or a moon.


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