objects #1

my object theory is a kind of distraction but only from the other objects i am surrounded by. and they’re everywhere, they fill the room!!! the objects move around the room and i move around the objects. the course i take through the room is always determined by the objects in it. objects vary in size and purpose although most objects are practical. objects are stacked and sit on top of each other in precarious manners. they’re spooning each other and i feel uncomfortable being around. i think the pots and pans got married and had children cause there’s lots of useless small ones about. there is a constant interaction with objects and i’m tired out so i sleep on the comfy object in my bedroom for 9 hours. that object engulfs me and i like it. i like objects.i keep some objects and discard of many more objects. i have parted with so many objects and i hope they’re okay. i am made up of objects and i cover myself in even more objects that i think “represent my personality” incorrect. i cover my body in objects that i think are stylish cause i’m a fashionable object. everyday i eat objects off of plates and i use other objects to eat these objects.  i am an object but please don’t objectify me.

please stop putting my objects in the bin. i am on my 4th remake of my sculpture couple who are made from recycling and keep being put in general waste.


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