googly eye installation

in an attempt to begin creating more sculptural work, i began my googly eye installation: where i covered my entire studio space in googly eyes bought off of amazon.  at that time i was interested in the materiality of craft objects and how craft – read as both: arts and crafts and “women’s art” – had been excluded from the mainstream / MALEstream of fine art.  the multiplicity of such a crude, tacky but also silly object became sinister, serious, and intimidating contrasting to Yayoi Kusama’s work (e.g. Infinity Mirror Room – Phalli Field, 1965).  however, i felt more similarities laid with Mierle Laderman Ukeles’s 1973 Hartford Wash through the endless, unseen labour of installing thousands of googly eyes such as the invisible and unrecognised work of maintenance workers and cleaners.  once complete i realised that my interest laid in what we see, being seen, the gaze, and most importantly looking.


glossary: visibility, invisibility, overlooked, excluded, included, transparent

ctr1ctr4rsz_dscf8083CARYS TRAVIS INSTALLATION 005

february 2017


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